Browse Categories

Browse Categories, allows you to click on the category title to browse, by category, those listings that have a physical address in the U.S. or Canada (these listings may also provide information concerning other countries, such as a book about China published in New York).

Selecting any of the categories will access the database and bring up a list of subcategories. You will also find a description for each category that provides a summary of what is contained in the category, and when appropriate related references and pertinent definitions.
Review description of EnviroSource categories.

Click on a subcategory to quickly scan through a Listing Index specific to that subcategory, displayed alphabetically by title of listing. Click on the title of a desired listing to obtain more detailed information.

Note that all listings in EnviroSource are categorized -
categories represent types of information, products, or services. See Overview of EnviroSource Search Engine and Directory for more information on categories.