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DoD Environmental Security Programs
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This site covers the following programs:
        • Pollution Prevention - Effectively promote the National Policy of Pollution Prevention through Education, Training, and Awareness, Acquisition Practices, Facility Management, Energy Conservation, and the Use of Innovative Pollution Prevention Technologies throughout DOD and its Components.
        • Education & Training - Ensures that DoD personnel understand environmental responsibilities of their jobs.
        • Conservation - Supports the military mission by providing for sustained use of its land, sea, and air space; protecting valuable natural and cultural resources for future generations; meeting all legal requirements; and promoting compatible multiple uses of those resources.
        • Compliance - Develops policy and activities required to meet the standards established by such environmental laws as Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. These laws are designed to protect human health and the environment.
        • Program Integration - Coordinates issues and activities within Environmental Security to include the Planning, Programming, and Budget System (PPBS), Environmental Technology, Legislative Issues, Corporate Information Management, and executive management of the Defense Environmental Security Council and Committee structure.
        • International Activities - Develops frameworks for international military-military cooperation that integrate environmental compliance, awareness and stewardship into all operations.
        • Planning Analysis - Efforts focus on the development and operation of installations and the development, procurement, deployment, and disposal of weapon systems.
        • Cleanup/Installation Restoration - Develops policy to reduce the risks to public health and the environment at active, formerly used, and closing bases, while ensuring DoD environmental cleanup policy conforms to existing and emerging laws and regulations.
        • Safety & Occupational Health - Enhance the readiness of the Department of Defense and the Quality of Life of its people through the prevention of accidents, occupational injuries/illnesses, and fire losses.
        • Pest Management - Coordinates and develops policy for pest management and vector control activities throughout the Department of Defense, to ensure effective support of the operating forces in prevention of vector-borne diseases, and to prevent losses from pest attack on subsistence, supplies, and facilities.
        • Explosives Safety - Provides safety oversight and guidance to DoD for the development, testing, manufacture, maintenance, use, storage, transportation, disposal, research of ammunition and explosives, and treatment and cleanup of unexpended ordnance (UXO) to prevent endangerment of life and property inside and outside DoD installations worldwide
        • Technology - Seeks new technologies that meet environmental requirements at less cost

          DENIX provides information, communication and collaboration services to Department of Defense (DoD) environmental personnel, state regulatory and educational environmental offices, the environmental international community, and the general public.
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Defense Environmental Security Corporate Information Management (DESCIM), Program Management Office
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