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ENTEK Environmental and Technical Services
Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Building Design, Emergency Response, Remediation/Investigation, Waste Management, Water/Wastewater/Groundwater, Other Structural Design, All Listings
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ENTEK provides comprehensive engineering, planning, and environmental management services that address the complex range of issues facing our clients worldwide. By offering a variety of in-house professional disciplines, we save our clients time and money while providing innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter.

          Environmental Services

          Services include: Air Quality Permitting, Asbestos Abatement Design, Environmental Site Assessments, Hazardous Material Management, Hydrogeological Services, Laboratory Services, Lead-Based Paint Abatement Design, PCB Assessment and Decontamination, Hazard Remediation Services, Storm Water Compliance, and Underground Storage Tank Services.

          Engineering Services

          The Professional Engineers and Designers at ENTEK provide structural, mechanical, process, chemical, planning, and inspection services for new construction and renovation projects. Our in-house drafting department utilizes AutoCAD® for the production of detailed working drawings and blueprints. Our range of engineering services includes specialization in: Building Facade Maintenance Design, Building Foundation Design, Chemical and Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility Design, Conditions Assessment, Equipment Foundations and Supports, Hazardous Waste Storage Facility Design, Inspection Services, Modification, Retro-fit, and Upgrade, Process and Utility Piping Systems Design, Process Safety and Risk Management, Special Loadings Analysis and Design, and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans.

          Industrial Hygiene Services

          ENTEK assists in the recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational and environmental hazards and health issues. We will help your company evaluate existing health and safety programs, develop new policies and procedures, and train company personnel to correctly deal with the health and safety issues they encounter on a daily basis. Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) specialists include Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and Industrial Hygiene Technicians. Available services include: Consultation Support Emergency Response Program Design, Hazardous Waste Operations Support, Health & Safety Program Assessment and Development, Indoor Air Quality Investigations, OSHA Compliance Assessments, Plant Closure Assistance, Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, and Regulatory Compliance Training.

          Specialty Services

          Our specialty services include: Forensic Investigation Services, Litigation Support Services, and Race Course Design Services.
Air Emissions/Pollution/CAA, Asbestos/AHERA, Decontamination, Hazardous Materials/Substances, Lead, PCBs, Remedial Design, Remediation/Cleanup, Stormwater/Hydrology, Tanks

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Air Quality Permitting, Asbestos, Site Assessments, Hazardous Material Management, Hydrogeology, Lead-Based Paint, PCBs, Remediation, Stormwater, USTs

ENTEK Environmental and Technical Services
1724 5th Avenue
Primary (800) 888-9200
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United States
Fax:(518) 273-6595
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West Palm Beach, FL