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Electronic Blue Book of Building and Construction
Equipment - Construction
Aggregate, Asphalt (and Related), Concrete (and Related), Bricks/Block/Stone, Bridges - Prefab, Demolition, Erosion Control/Soil Stabilization, Hand Tools, Heavy Equipment, Iron/Steel - Structural, Lubricants/Oils/Waxes, Material Testing Equipment, Mixers, Piping/Valves/Fittings, Pressure Washers, Pumps, Sewers/Septic Systems, Tilt Meters/Inclinometers, Wood - Structural, All Listings, Directories
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A free, searchable, online directory of over 550,000 national, regional, and local general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, material suppliers, minority and women-owned firms, product suppliers, and service providers. The following geographic regions are specifically covered:
        • California - city or county of Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego
        • Connecticut
        • Delaware
        • Florida - north and central
        • Florida - south
        • Georgia
        • Illinois - Chicago and vicinity
        • Indiana - northwest
        • Maryland
        • Massachusetts
        • New Hampshire - southern
        • New Jersey
        • New York
        • Ohio - northeastern
        • Pennsylvania - eastern
        • Rhode Island
        • Texas - Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston
        • Virginia
        • Washington D.C.

          The following are a few of the subjects covered in the Blue Book: abrasives, additives, admixtures, aggregate, aluminum sheet piling, asphalt, augers, backfill, backhoes, balers, barges, beams, bentonite clay, bricks, bridge decking, ceilings, concrete, dredging, drilling, drillers, diffusers, drain tile, electricians, fill, fittings, floors, FRP, gabions, geotextiles, gypsum, HVAC, hardware, lumber, nuts and bolts, piling, pipe, plaster, pumps, quarries, roofs, rope, rubber, steel, tools, tanks, trades, trenchers, valves, vinyl, vacuums, walls, waterproofing, windows, wire, wood, and X-rays.

          A basic listing for a company includes address, phone, fax, and e-mail. Some company listings have much more information such as: a banner, a company profile, and a list of trade names for their products.

          How To Use The Directory

          1. At the web site, on the left side of the page under Menu, click on "Search The Blue Book".

          2. Click on the big button "Begin Searching The Electronic Blue Book". Identifying yourself is not necessary.

          3. You will see three boxes for entering search criteria. Click on the top box to select an area of the country to search. Then, in the bottom boxes, type in a keyword, industry term, or company name. (Note: A link located below the "Search The Blue Book" button lists all the classifications of information found in the directory. The listing may help you to select a keyword.) Click on the "Search The Blue Book" button to initiate the search.

          5. A listing of subjects will appear if the search is successful. Click on one of the subjects listed, then click on the "Display a List of Companies" button.
Analytical Testing, Antifreeze, Coatings, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Materials, Geosynthetics/Geotextiles, Materials Handling/Management, Paints, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Pipelines, Septage Systems, Surveying, Tanks

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