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Chester Engineers (Chester)
Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Geotechnical, Construction, Surveying/GIS/Imaging, Remediation/Investigation, Water/Wastewater/Groundwater, Regulatory Compliance, Waste Management, Public/Environmental Health, All Listings
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Founded in 1910, Chester is a water and wastewater engineering and services firm with projects worldwide. Some services include:
        • Wastewater - preliminary engineering studies, wastewater sampling, treatability studies, economic evaluation of technologies, conceptual facility design, waste treatment studies, system design, process control systems, software development, design / build (turnkey projects), analysis of contractor bids, cost control, schedules, construction quality, development of operation and maintenance manuals, operator training programs, and long-term facility management.
        • Water - industrial and municipal water supply systems, water systems investigations, management and financial studies, treatment, storage and distribution system feasibility studies, facility design, construction monitoring, operations assistance, turnkey services, funding coordination and grants administration.
        • Build/Own/Operate and Transfer (BOOT) Program: Water and Wastewater Outsourcing - BOOT agreements let our clients concentrate on their core businesses while we own and operate their water and wastewater facilities on a long-term contract basis. Chester provides facility design, construction and start-up. In addition, their complete project financing eliminates the need for our clients to secure up-front capital.
        • Science and Technology Division Services - water quality services (NPDES, modeling, toxicity testing, biological assessments, stormwater, hazardous materials, regulatory analysis), process engineering ( wastewater inventory and characterization, process development, operations evaluation, pollution prevention / waste minimization), geosciences (environmental audits and assessments, monitoring and sampling services, soil and water contamination, geotechnical investigations, remediation design and installation), solid waste management (hydrogeological investigations, site selection, landfill design, permitting, construction management), air quality management (permitting, dispersion modeling, air engineering, ambient air monitoring, regulatory assistance, compliance).

          Environmental Technical Services (ETS) Group

          ETS provides a wide range of technical field services independently and also in support of Chester's other project efforts. ETS provides reliable, low cost field services. ETS focuses on sewer system inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation, air and water discharge monitoring services, treatment plant operations, underground storage tank (UST) services, and utility construction, and quick response mobile treatment units for water and wastewater purification needs. Some of ETS's services include:
        • Treatment Plant Operations - plant support, plant operations, remedial site service / sludge removal, mobile sludge dewatering
        • Monitoring and Testing - air and water discharge monitoring, source and ambient pollution testing, emission control systems, indoor air monitoring, air particulate size analysis, visible emission monitoring, fugitive emission monitoring, NPDES sampling and reporting
        • Underground Storage Tanks - leak and integrity testing, line testing
        • Sewer Systems - pipe locating, high velocity sewer cleaning, continuous coil power rodding, mobile closed circuit television monitoring, testing and grouting, flow sample and monitoring, smoke and dye testing
        • Utility Construction - manhole rehabilitation and construction, catch basin rehabilitation and construction, construction observation
        • Quick Response Mobile Treatment Units - sludge dewatering, carbon adsorbers, sand filters, oil / water separators, DENSE Sludge technology.

          Other services:
          Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS
Air Emissions/Pollution/CAA, Bioremediation/Biodegradation, Construction, Control Systems, Environmental Training, Remedial Design, Site Characterization/Inspection, Site Remediation/Cleanup, Soil Science, Stormwater/Hydrology, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment/CWA, Water Resources/Supply/SDWA, Watershed Management

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Chester Engineers
Cherrington Corporate Center
600 Clubhouse Drive
Primary (412) 269-5700
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United States
Fax:(412) 269-5749
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        Boulder, CO; Merrillville, IN; Ann Arbor, MI; Gaithersburg, MD; Parsippany, NJ; Clairton, PA; Chantilly, VA; Huntington, WV; Martinsburg, WV