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Equipment - Construction
Aggregate, Asphalt (and Related), Concrete (and Related), Bricks/Block/Stone, Bridges - Prefab, Coatings, Demolition, Erosion Control/Soil Stabilization, Hand Tools, Heavy Equipment, Iron/Steel - Structural, Lubricants/Oils/Waxes, Material Testing Equipment, Mixers, Piping/Valves/Fittings, Pressure Washers, Pumps, Sewers/Septic Systems, Tilt Meters/Inclinometers, Wood - Structural, All Listings, Directories
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ConstructionNet is a comprehensive directory of builders, contractors, material suppliers, and design professionals. Through their unique relationships with Dun & Bradstreet and leading trade associations, ConstructionNet provides information that allows buyers of construction, engineering services and products to make better purchasing decisions.

          ConstructionNet has profile information on over 850,000 companies doing business in the industry. The directory contains the following information on each company:
        • Company Name
        • Address
        • Phone number
        • Duns Number.

          The site can be searched, or browsed by state, and is broken into three main sections of company information:

          1) Contractors and Professionals
        • Commercial and Residential SubContractors - Both residential and non-residential and any company which provides labor and tools to complete a project .
        • General Contractors and Home Builders
        • Lawyers, Insurance and Support Professionals - Companies who provide professional services that support the design and construction companies in our industry.
        • Architects and Engineers - Companies who provide professional design services.

          2) Local Distributors
        • Lists local companies that distribute equipment and materials for construction industry. Some examples include: general trade tools, aerial/personnel lifts, rental yards, crushed stone, excavating equipment, concrete suppliers, brick supplies, lumber yards, painting supplies, fire extinguishers, HVAC equipment, plumbing, lighting galleries.

          3) National Manufacturers
        • Construction Products Manufacturers - A national directory of construction product and manufacturers classified by CSI code. Examples include: sitework, concrete, masonry, metals, wood and plastics, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishes, specialties, equipment, conveying systems, mechanical, and electrical.
        • Tools and Equipment Manufacturers - A national directory of tool and equipment manufacturers. Examples include air equipment, compaction equipment, concrete equipment, earthmoving equipment, lifting and material handling equipment, pumps and accessories, road maintenance, saws, shop tools, and trade specialty tools.
        • Technology Product Manufacturers - A national directory of technology product manufacturers including the makers of hardware and software. Example hardware classifications include: connections and communication systems, digitizers, plotters, copiers, tape drives, 3D output, and personal workstations. Example software classifications include: architecture, CAD/CAM/CAE (standalone), civil/mechanical/electrical engineering, surveying, construction, consulting services, facilities management GIS/mapping, landscape design, management/marketing, process/power/plant, utilities, 3D rendering, estimating, and plotting.

          How To Use The Web Site Directory

          1. At the home page, click on the "Directory" link. The Comprehensive Directory Page is broken into five main links: Contractor and Professionals, Local Distributors, National Manufacturers, Internet Dashboard, and Search Our Site.

          2a. To search the directory, click on the Search Our Site link. This will bring you to the search page. You can search for a company by name or keyword.

          2b. To browse the directory, go to the search page as explained in 2a. Click on one of the three company categories at the top of the search page. A map of the United States will appear. Choose a state and click on that state. The state map will appear. Click on an area of the state or click on a city at the bottom of the state map page. A categorical listing of companies will appear. Click on the category that fits your company. Another more detailed list of categories may appear. Again, click on the category that fits your company. A list of companies should then be displayed.
Construction, Construction Management, Construction Materials

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