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Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Construction, Remediation/Investigation, Regulatory Compliance, Data Management, Other Structural Design, All Listings
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EMCON, founded in 1971, is offers a wide variety of services including solid waste management, design, construction, and permitting of solid waste management facilities, and remedial investigations. The company has 950 employees in 40 offices located in 16 states and Puerto Rico. Annual revenues are approximately $115 million. EMCON's professional staff includes chemical, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineers; marine and terrestrial biologists; oceanographers; plant ecologists; chemists; geologists; hydrogeologists; hydrologists and toxicologists.

          ET Environmental Corporation (ET), is a 50/50 joint venture between EMCON and The Turner Construction Company (Turner). Turner provides international design and construction services.

          EMCON owns Organic Waste Technologies, Inc. (OWT), a construction, equipment, and operations and maintenance company with significant expertise in solid waste management.
Air Emissions/Pollution/CAA, Environmental Planning, Landfills/Dumps, Oceanography, Remedial Design, Remediation/Cleanup, Solid/Special/Industrial Waste, Toxicology, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment/CWA, Water Resources/Supply/SDWA

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engineering, geology, planning, management of solid waste, regulatory compliance, database management, landfills, remediation, collection systems, landfill gas flares, leachate evaporation systems, capping, closure, landfill gas recovery projects, long-term operation and maintenance of old landfills, site restoration, waste analysis, remedial design, ecology, solid waste transfer stations, materials recovery facilities, health, safety.

400 S. El Camino Real
Ste 1200
San Mateo
Primary (650) 375-1522
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United States
Fax:(650) 375-0763
Branch Locations:

        EMCON - Anchorage, AK; Fairbanks, AK; Palmer, AK; Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Benicia, CA ; Burbank, CA; Fresno, CA; Irvine, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Bernardino, CA; San Jose, CA; San Mateo, CA; Wallingford, CT; Jacksonville, FL; Pompano Beach, FL; Atlanta, GA; Duluth, GA; Naperville, IL; Springfield, IL; Andover, MA; Hartland, ME; Northville, MI; Mahwah, NJ; Grand Island, NY; Tuxedo, NY; Middleburg Heights, OH; Eugene, OR; Medford, OR; Portland, OR; Austin, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Burlington, VT; Bothell, WA; Spokane, WA; Kiel, WI; Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

        OWT Offices - Blue Grass, IA; Irvine, CA; Fairport, NY; Tuxedo, NY; Middleburg Heights, OH; New Concord, OH; New Concord, OH; Lancaster, PA; Midlothian, VA

        Turner Construction Offices - Throop, PA; Shelton, CT; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; Arlington Heights, IL; Chicago, IL; Carmel, IN; Boston, MA; Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Kansas City, MO; Atlantic City, NJ; Somerset, NJ; Albany, NY; Buffalo, NY; Melville, NY; New York, NY; Raleigh, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Worthington, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Tempe, AZ; Irvine, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; West Sacramento, CA; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; Arlington, VA; Richmond, VA; Seattle, WA; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico