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Metcalf & Eddy / AWT
Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Biology/Ecology, Dam/Bridge Design, Remediation/Investigation, Waste Management, Water/Wastewater/Groundwater, All Listings
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Metcalf & Eddy/Air and Waste Technologies provides environmental treatment and services to industry, municipalities, and governmental clients, specializing in the fields of water, wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, and air quality services. Their scope includes water supply planning, providing watershed management; filtration avoidance; and design and management of reservoirs, dams, intakes, wellfields, and transmission and distribution systems.

          Metcalf & Eddy / AWT background includes all types of environmental permits for municipal, industrial, commercial, and recreational development projects, including those for wetlands, zoning, endangered species, historic sites, and contaminant remediation, under CWA, CERCLA, SARA, SDWA, NPDES, and other federal and local regulations.

          They have assisted municipalities and industries in maximizing the use of valuable disposal capacity, reusing or recycling solid waste in accordance with the generally accepted hierarchy of waste management alternatives, designed resource-recovery facilities and systems for the collection, processing, and disposal of solid waste and developed plans for sanitary landfills, transfer stations, and recycling programs.

          The company has developed closure plans, evaluated and solved leachate problems, and designed expansion plans for existing landfills. They also perform site evaluations, inventory, sampling, analysis, and laboratory testing and prepare permits. Their scientists and engineers develop effective stormwater management plans to control or eliminate run-off using source controls, regulatory controls, infiltration methods, and treatment.
Endangered Species/ESA, Hazardous Materials/Substances, Hazardous Waste, Landfills/Dumps, Permitting, RCRA/HSWA, Recycling, Remedial Design, Remediation/Cleanup, Solid/Special/Industrial Waste, Superfund/CERCLA, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment/CWA, Water Resources/Supply/SDWA, Watershed Management, Wetlands

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Wastewater Treatment, Stormwater Management, Environmental Permitting, Environmental Quality, Solid Waste Management, Air Quality, Fugitive Emissions

Metcalf & Eddy/AWT
30 Harvard Mill Square
Primary (617) 246-5200
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United States
Fax:(617) 245-0823
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United States
        Chico, Sacramento, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, San Diego, California; Kansas City, Missouri; Dallas, Austin, Houston, Texas; Itasca, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Wakefield, Massachusetts; Wallingford, Connecticut, New York, New York; Branchburg, New Jersey; Laurel, Virginia; Orlando, West Palm Beach, Medley, Miramar, Coral Gables, Florida


        Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Qatar; United Arab Emirates; Philippines; Singapore; Australia