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Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd
Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Agriculture/Forestry, Building Design, Construction, Dam/Bridge Design, Data Management, Energy, Geotechnical, Remediation/Investigation, Regulatory Compliance, Transportation, Waste Management, Water/Wastewater/Groundwater, All Listings
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Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Consultant providing engineering consulting, material testing, and construction quality control services to developers, prime-consultants, contractors, land owners, government, oil and gas industry, mining industry, and the general public.

Some of Alpha Adroit's specialties are presented below:

- Geotechnical Engineering Consulting
- Geotechnical Site Investigations
- Geotechnical Analysis and Design
- Footing and Piled Foundations
- Pile Inspection and Pile Load Testing
- Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide Remediation
- Shoring and Retaining Walls
- Ground Improvement, Seepage Control, and Swelling Control
- Geotechnical Failure Investigation (Forensic Engineering)
- Geotechnical Design for Preventive and Remedial Measures
- Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I and Phase II
- Environmental Engineering
- Environmental Audit
- Environmental Testing
- Soil Testing
- Nuclear Density Measurements
- Concrete Testing
- Asphalt Testing
- Aggregate Testing
- Soil-cement Design and Testing
- Field and Laboratory Testing
- Construction Inspection
- Construction Compliance Report and Certification
- Frozen Ground Engineering in Continuous and Discontinuous Permafrost
- Geotechnical Engineering for Dams
- Geotechnical Engineering for Tunnels
- Geotechnical Engineering for Nuclear Power Plants
- Geotechnical Engineering for Oil, Gas, Power, and Pipeline Industries
- Geotechnical Engineering for Mining and Metal Industries
- Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Engineering for Mining and Industrial Waste Management
- Municipal solid wastes and landfills
- In situ treatment for soils and sediments
- Industrial wastes
- Soils sampling technologies
- Water sampling technologies
- Municipal solid wastes
- Sanitary landfills
- Off-site treatment
- On-site treatment
- Numerical and Laboratory Modeling
- Advanced and Routine Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Testing
- Research and Development
Accreditation/Certification, Agriculture/Farming, Asphalt, Benzene, Bioremediation/Biodegradation, Brownfields, Civil Engineering Structures, Cleanup Levels, Climate Data, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Materials, Corrosion, Cultural/Archeological/Historical, Cyanide, Decommissioning/Demolition, Decontamination, Drilling, Drinking Water, Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Expert Testimony, Geotechnical Engineering, Groundwater Characterization, Landfills/Dumps, Lead, Mining/Minerals, NAPL, Natural Resources, Pipelines, Quality, QA/QC, Remedial Design, Remediation/Cleanup, Remote Sensing, Risk Assessment, Risk Management/Communication, Site Characterization, Soil Science, Solid/Special/Industrial Waste, Stormwater/Hydrology, Tanks, Tires, Transportation, Waste Management, .Other

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Geotechnical Engineering, Site Investigations, Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide Remediation, Shoring and Retaining Walls, Ground Improvement, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I and Phase II, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Audit, Environmental Testing, Soil Testing, Nuclear Density Measurements, Concrete Testing, Construction Compliance, Frozen Ground Engineering, Permafrost, Dams, Tunnels, Nuclear Power Plants, Oil, Gas, Power, and Pipeline, Mining and Metal, Industrial Waste, Municipal solid wastes, landfills, environmental treatment

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd
10731- 180 Street NW
Primary 780-708-4110
Zip/Postal Code:
T5S 1G6
Toll Free1-844-423-7648
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Head Quarter: 10731-180 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1G6

Local Contact:

Calgary, AB : 403-918-4110
Vancouver, BC: 778-322-4110
Saskatoon, SK: 306-881-4115