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Berger Group, The
Consultants/Remediation Contractors
Geotechnical, Construction, Remediation/Investigation, Water/Wastewater/Groundwater, Energy, Waste Management, Data Management, Transportation, Building Design, Other Structural Design, All Listings
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Founded in 1953 as a soils mechanics and foundations engineering firm, the firm has expanded worldwide into the planning, design, and construction management of highways, railroads, bridges, airfields, seaports, dams, water supply systems, environmental mitigation projects, and cultural preservation projects. The firm is involved in the following areas:

        • Facilities
        • Highways and Bridges - master planning, feasibility studies, travel demand forecasts, traffic signalization, parking, accident studies, design, railroad and water crossing design, inspections, pavement, environmental studies and permitting, construction management
        • Industrial
        • Waterfront and Marine

        • Transit
        • Airports and Aviation - planning, site analysis, runways, taixways, aprons, terminals, signing, lighting, utilities fueling, air and noise.

        • Environmental Services - site assessments, audits, impact statements, natural resources management, pest management, stormwater, pollution prevention, noise, air and water monitoring and analysis, wetlands analysis and mitigation, soil conservation, drainage, terrestrial and aquatic biology, damage assessments, coastal zones, public involvement, risk assessments, landfills, solid waste, water supply treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment
        • Cultural Resources - archaeological excavations and monitoring, preservation planning, National Register of Historic Places Nominations, Historic American Building Survey Recordation (HABS), Historic American Engineering Record Documentation (HAER), historic district zoning ordinances, artifact storage/preservation, archival research
        • Hazardous Waste - audits, assessments, remedial investigation, feasibility studies, remedial design, construction inspection / management, damage assessments, fate and transport modeling, pollution prevention, risk assessment, compliance audits
        • Energy Services
        • Water Resources and Irrigation - modeling with HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-5, HEC-6, DEWOPER, INTDRA, HMR-52, TR-20, TR-55, WSP2, DAMBRK

          Management Consulting
        • biddability, constructability and operability reviews, planning and design review, environmental permitting, solicitation packages, subcontractor selection and negotiation, value engineering, cost and schedule control, as-built drawings, project start-up and turnover to client.

          Information Technology
        • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), 3D computer animation, Local Area Networks (LAN) & Wide Area Networks (WAN), Web page development.
Air Emissions/Pollution/CAA, Air Sampling/Modeling, Civil Engineering Structures, Occupational Safety/Health/OSHA, Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization, RCRA/HSWA, Remedial Design, Site Characterization/Inspection, Solid/Special/Industrial Waste, Superfund/CERCLA, Toxic Substances/TSCA, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment/CWA, Water Resources/Supply/SDWA

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Berger Group, The
100 Halsted Street
P.O. Box 270
East Orange
Primary (973) 678-1960
Zip/Postal Code:
United States
Fax:(973) 672-4284
Branch Locations:

        AZ; CT; DC; FL; IL; IA; ME; MA; NV; NH; NJ; NM; NY; NC; OR; PA; RI; TX; VA; WA; WV

        North America: Canada
        South America : Argentina; Bolivia; El Salvador; Grenada
        Europe: France; Benin; Bosnia; Burkina Faso; Cote d'Ivoire; United Kingdom (UK); Greece; Hungary; Lebanon
        Africa : Angola; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo, Republic of; Egypt; Ethiopia; Guinea; Kenya; Madagascar; Mali
        Asia: Armenia; Bangladesh; Benin; Bosnia; Burkina Faso; Cambodia; Cameroon; China (PRC); China (Taiwan); India; Indonesia; Japan; Korea