This category references two closely related types of service - hotlines and clearinghouses.

Government groups which are publication centers or good sources for publications ("mini clearinghouses") are included. This category also references EPA or other agency "programs" which often operate much like a clearinghouse.

Related References

Many hotlines and clearinghouses offer newsletters, training, software/models, databases and guidance. When this occurs, information on these sources may be referenced in other EnviroSource categories to provide more specificity when browsing, e.g. see the categories Magazines/Newsletters, Training Providers, Courses/Conferences, Software/Models, Databases, Federal/National - Policies and Guidance.

Note that organizations referenced in the EnviroSource category Associations/Citizen Groups often function much like a clearinghouse.


Hotlines are established by the EPA and other federal agencies, state agencies and non-government groups to answer questions, provide referrals and disseminate information.

Clearinghouses gather and facilitate the networking and exchange of information. Many clearinghouses use hotlines to provide convenient access for remote users. Clearinghouses are especially useful as a central access point for hard-to-locate publications.