This category references sources that provide industry, ecological, health, agricultural or other related statistics. Information in this category includes environmental and related measurements or data, such as water quality data, water flow measurements, transportation statistics, energy statistics, recreational and land use data and much more.

The statistics provided in this category have typically been compiled by a governmental agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Bureau of Land management (BLM), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the United States Forest Service (USFS), etc.

Statistics can be available in many formats, including publications, online listings and electronic databases. Some statistical information is not published, but can be obtained by contacting the appropriate agency and making a request for the desired data. Some statistical information is available to users in the form of publications and electronic data at no cost. Other statistical data is available for purchase or through subscription to the source organization. Of particular usefulness are Web sites that provide access to statistical data. Many data sets are available for viewing and downloading at no cost using a standard Web browser.