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Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (VENDOR FACTS)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Technology Innovation Office (TIO)
The Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (VENDOR-FACTS) is a database de...

RaPID Assays
Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
Ohmicron's proprietary technologies are based on enzyme-linked immunoassays which quickly and accura...

PROTEM 37, 47, 57 (Time Domain EM Sounding)
Geonics Ltd.
Transient Electromagnetic (EM) Geophysical Instruments:The principles of Time Domain Electromagnetic...

HydroClor Q4000
Dexsil Corporation
HydroClor Q4000 is a portable, disposable test kit to analyze water, waste water, and oil/water mixt...

Scentograph "Plus II"
Sentex Systems, Inc.
The Scentoscreen is a basic gas chromatograph equipped with one port for calibration and sampling, a...

H.E.L.P. MATE 2000
Hanby Environmental Laboratory Procedures, Inc. (H.E.L.P.)
H.E.L.P., Inc. manufactures and sells a revolutionary new, portable, reflectance, visible range spec...

D TECH Test Kits
Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
D TECH On-Site test kits are based upon immunoassay technology. Antibodies are designed to recogni...

Invitro International
InVitro International's Corrositex is an in vitro testing system that mimics the effect of corrosive...

Mobile GC/MS System MM-1 (MEM)
Bruker Anal. Sys., Inc. and BFA, GMBH
The MM-1 is an extremely rugged, mobile mass spectrometer designed for the rapid identification and...

Opti-Thin EDXRF
Advanced Analytical Products & Services
The Opti-Thin EDXRF offers advances in transportable energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis t...

Aurora AI 1000/2000, Aurora AI 3300
Aurora Instruments Ltd.
Aurora AI 1000/2000-Isothermal Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption/Plasma Furnace Emission Spectromet...

Microtox Acute Toxicity Test
AZUR Environmental (formerly Microbics)
The Microtox Acute Toxicity Test (Microtox) is a rapid bioassay based on bacterial bioluminescence. ...

ASIST-150 Series Headspace&Purge&Trap Autosamplers
ASIST, Inc. is a manufacturer of small portable instruments that incorporate all the power of contem...

TSC/RMA 9000, TSC/RMA, BC 3000, TSCr, CR 2000
TherMold Partners, L.P.
TherMold has commercialized an unique technology for characterization of non- and semi-conductive ma...

Chemical Reaction Based Test Paper
Gallard-Schlesinger Industries, Inc.
Gallard-Schlesinger offers a full range of test papers for the semi-quantitative determination of se...

Automated Sampling and Analytical Platform
Analytical and Remedial Technology, Inc.
The Automated Sampling and Analytical Platform (ASAP) is designed to perform continuous automated s...

SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction)
Supelco, Inc.
Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a convenient, inexpensive, and time saving alternative to liq...

Analytical Oil in Soil/Water Systems
General Analysis Corporation
General Analysis Corporation (GAC) offers a portable instrument for measuring Total Petroleum Hydroc...

Voyager Portable Gas Chromatograph
Photovac Monitoring Instruments
The Voyager Portable Gas Chromatograph is the smallest instrument of its kind available and weighs j...

ORS Environmental Systems
AccuSensor is a new field-portable instrument from ORS Environmental Systems (ORS) capable of measu...

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