Search Filters

The Search Filters allow you to narrow or refine your search. You can use them in conjunction with Words Search or Topics Search, or use them on their own.

The Search Filters may also be used in any combination among themselves with an assumed AND designation between them. For example, if you select the category Disposal/Recycling Facilities and specify California as a State filter - you are requesting a listing of facilities, AND, only those with a physical location in California.

You do not have to enter information into every filter box, empty boxes are ignored.

Here is a summary of the filters:

Please note that geographic filtering should be used carefully, since the physical location of a listing may not relate to the information offered.

For example, many U.S. organizations provide information on other countries, such as a publisher in New York that provides information on China. Therefore, in this case you may not want to specify the physical location of China when looking for information on China (alternatively you may want to try typing the word China and/or the words International, World, or Global in the
Words Search – Search all text box).

In a different scenario, you may wish to find a service firm located in a particular state - in this case geographic filtering is needed and should be used.