Words Search

Words Search - Search all text, allows you to perform word searches to find information, products, or services. Type in any word(s) in the Search all text box and hit GO.

Here are a few simple conventions:

General Notes

As with any electronic searching, words selected for searching can be specific or general. For example, you may want to start searching for information on a specific chemical name. If no listings are found you may then want to try a more general search using, for example, the word Chemical.

Topics Search and Search Filters provide additional techniques for finding what you need.

Search speed can be a function of your computer, your modem or other type of connection to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Internet itself, the server hosting the application you are searching, the application itself (e.g. EnviroSource), or the way you specified the search. Searches on the Internet can be immediate or take several seconds (with variations in search speed occurring within a short time lapse).

When searching for information about a country other than the U.S. or Canada you can use the actual country name (e.g. China), but should also try the words International, World, or Global (in this order of importance).