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Columbus Instruments
Columbus Instruments
Manufacturer of respirometers and landfill gas detection equipment. The "Micri-Oxymax" respirometer...

Hydrolab Corporation
Hydrolab manufactures water quality sensors for use in field situations. Parameters detected by the...

Horiba Instruments Incorporated
Manufacturer of a wide variety of laboratory and portable analyzers including continuous emissions m...

Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Geotech manufactures and distributes ground water sampling, analytical, filtration and remediation e...

Extech Instruments
Extech Instruments Corporation
Manufacturer and supplier of test and measurement, plant maintenance, data acquisition/datalogging, ...

Testo Measuring Instruments
Testo, Inc.
Testo offers a wide variety of measuring instruments for combustion analysis and stack testing, wate...

Shortridge Instruments
Shortridge Instruments
Shortridge instruments manufactures and provides factory direct sales and service for electronic air...

IE Monitoring Instruments
Industrial Environmental (IE) Monitoring Instruments
Provides industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring instruments. Catalog coverage includes: i...

Moore Technologies Inc.
Moore Technologies, Inc.
Product line includes ultrasonic non-contacting flow system for flow stream monitoring, and level co...

Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa is a manufacturer and supplier of meters, transducers, field test instruments, and environm...

Shimadzu Corporation
Shimadzu Corporation
Founded in 1875, Shimadzu has grown into a $2 billion multinational equipment manufacturer with thre...

Myron L Company
Myron L Company
Founded in 1957, Myron L manufactures a series of water quality meters for measuring pH, ORP, conduc...

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems
Products include: an instrument system for water/wastewater monitoring, recording & controlling; a...

Response Rentals Catalog
Response Rentals
Offers a wide array of environmental monitoring instruments - from analyzers for source emissions te...

Isco, Inc.
Isco, Inc.
Founded in 1958, Isco (NASDAQ/NMS - ISKO) is a designer, manufacturer, and worldwide marketer of fie...

MTI Micro GC
MTI Analytical Instruments
MTI manufactures a line of portable, battery operated, micro gas chromatographs. Soil sample head s...

Chemtrac Water Monitoring/Sampling Equipment
Chemtrac Systems, Inc.
Provides water quality instrumentation. Examples include: water treatment processes - streaming cu...

Canaan Scientific Rentals
Canaan Scientific Rental, Inc.
Canaan Scientific Rentals carries a wide variety of environmental instruments to rent including: PI...

Telog Instruments, Inc.
Telog Instruments, Inc.
Telog manufactures monitoring and recording devices for water levels, AC power, and data. The Level...

Thermo Environmental Instruments
Thermo Environmental Instruments
Thermo Environmental Instruments develops, designs, manufactures, sells, and services a wide variety...

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