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STATE NET assists organizations in identifying and tracking pending issues, legislation, and regulat...

IHS Environmental Information, Inc.
Coverage includes U.S. federal regulations for EPA, OSHA, DOT, NRC, and Coast Guard and correspondin...

Counterpoint Regulatory Products
West Group
Counterpoint is now part of West Group....

West Group
WESTLAW is a computer-assisted legal research service that contains over 10,000 databases. Areas c...

RegScan, Inc.
Covers U.S. Federal environmental, safety, transportation, and food and drug areas as well as U.S. ...

CPI Electronic Publishing
CPI Electronic Publishing
CPI's entire regulatory database of Federal and State data is available on the Internet. The Federal...

LEXIS includes state and federal laws, regulations, case law, citation services, and much more....

Environmental Compliance Update
M. Lee Smith Publishers & Printers LLC
Newsletters surveying environmental law developments in the following states:ArizonaCaliforniaFlorid...

Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Products
West Group
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing (LCP) is now part of West Group....

Environmental Compliance in Your State
Business and Legal Reports
Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) is a publisher of understandable, affordable regulatory complia...

Michie Company Products
LEXIS Law Publishing
Michie Company is now part of LEXIS Law Publishing....

Environmental Regulation - State Capitals Newsletters
Wakeman Walworth Inc.
Keeps you informed on state programs regarding solid waste, resource recovery, recycling, hazardous ...

WestDoc Case Law on The Internet
West Group
WestDoc is an online database that allows retrieval of the following case law:-Federal Case Law-Stat...

Canadian Environmental Law Publications - Carswell
Thomson Professional Publishing, Carswell
Carswell publishes environmental statutes and regulations for some of Canada's provinces. Reference...

BNA Environment & Safety Laws and Regulations
The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), Inc.
The BNA offers a variety of products that provide US laws, regulations, Federal Register information...

The Washington Post Company, LEGI-SLATE, Inc.
LEGI-SLATE provides a wide range of news, analyses and uniquely indexed data on Congress and the exe...

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