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Geo Service Corporation
Geo Service Corporation
Geo Serve (MNR000016642) offers a substitute product for granular floor dry without the liabilities ...

Bio-Stim, Inc.
Bio-Stim, Inc.
Bio-Stim sells products designed to control odors and clean plumbing systems. Bio-Stim, Inc. provid...

General Chemical Company
RootX is a foaming agent that kills roots in pipes and inhibits regrowth. Any size pipe can be trea...

Omnitec Design
Omnitec Design
Omnitec Design is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, innovative air purification equipment for...

Bio-based alternative solutions (i-SOLV, Absorb-OIL, Oil-OFF)
i-SOLV International Chemicals Inc.
Absorb-OIL™ is extremely versatile and available in wipes, pads, socks, booms for the efficient clea...

Sentinel Chemical Company
Sentinel Chemical Company, Inc.
The Sentinel Chemical Company is a manufacturer of a line of mastic and spray adhesive removal chemi...

The Cloth that Cleans All Using Plain Tap Water!
Alternative Choices.Com
Microfiber Technology products - cleaning cloths eliminate need for petro-chemical based household c...

Chemical Solvents Inc. (CSI)
Chemical Solvents Inc. (CSI)
CSI stocks and distributes over 200 commodity chemicals and solvents in a variety of lot sizes and c...

Foley Distributing Corp.
Foley Distributing Corp.

ChemFree Corporation
ChemFree Corporation
ChemFree makes a parts cleaning sink and two models of brake washers.The patented parts cleaning sin...

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