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VadoScan Systems
BioRenewal Technologies Inc.
VadoScan Systems sensors allow for unattended monitoring of vadose parameters including oxygen, petr...

PLMS Open Path Infrared Flammable Gas Detection
Foxboro has marketed a very successful line of infrared (IR) portable and installed ambient air moni...

Dual Mode Air Sampler, Model 2230
Supelco, Inc.
This computerized out-door sampler has a weather mode and direct control mode of operation. The wea...

Clor-N-Soil PCB Test Kit
Dexsil Corporation
Clor-N-Soil is a self-contained portable test kit for analyzing soil for the presence of PCBs or ot...

Envirol Quick Test, Envirometer
Envirol, Inc.
Envirol, Inc. has developed a portable, quantitative field test system for pentachlorophenol (PCP) i...

Xontech Model 911A In/Out Sector Canister Sampler
Xontech, Inc.
Xontech has developed a sector sampler, Model 911A, which relies on the wind direction sensor collec...

Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (VENDOR FACTS)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Technology Innovation Office (TIO)
The Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (VENDOR-FACTS) is a database de...

RaPID Assays
Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
Ohmicron's proprietary technologies are based on enzyme-linked immunoassays which quickly and accura...

L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer
Dexsil Corporation
The L2000 Analysis System is a field portable device that allows the user to analyze for PCBs and ot...

Airsense 500 Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
Eco Logic
ECO LOGIC is the North American distributor of the Austrian manufactured V&F Airsense 500 Real Time ...

SKC Passive Sampler
SKC, Inc.
SKC manufactures a passive or diffusive sampler (sample uptake is by molecular diffusion) for person...

Heath Consultants, Inc.
The Heath DETECTO PAK OVD is a portable flame-ionization detector utilized for detecting volatile o...

Sorbent Sample Tubes
SKC, Inc.
SKC manufactures over 140 types of sorbent sample tubes for sampling a wide variety of hazardous che...

PROTEM 37, 47, 57 (Time Domain EM Sounding)
Geonics Ltd.
Transient Electromagnetic (EM) Geophysical Instruments:The principles of Time Domain Electromagnetic...

Phemto-Chem(R) Ion Mobility Spectrometer Model 110
PCP, Inc.
PCP, Inc. manufactures and sells the Phemto-Chem(R) Model 110 Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS). This...

HydroClor Q4000
Dexsil Corporation
HydroClor Q4000 is a portable, disposable test kit to analyze water, waste water, and oil/water mixt...

Scentograph "Plus II"
Sentex Systems, Inc.
The Scentoscreen is a basic gas chromatograph equipped with one port for calibration and sampling, a...

Direct Image Soil Conductivity System
Geoprobe Systems
Geoprobe Systems manufactures a soil conductivity sensor probe which can be driven into the ground u...

GEM-2 and GEM-3
Geophex, Ltd.
Geophex, Ltd. has developed a family of electromagnetic instruments that operate in a broadband mult...

ORS Environmental Systems
ChemSensor is ORS Environmental System's new instrument for in-situ, real-time detection of volatile...

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