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TIGER Boundary Translator
Micro Map & CAD
A stand alone translator which provides access to the Census Polygon boundaries found in the 1994 Ce...

Hydraulics and Hydrology Software
Eagle Point Software
Eagle Point provides a variety of hydraulics and hydrology software for sale, including:Watershed Mo...

Draper Aden Environmental Modeling, Inc.
Finite element model to simulate vacuum enhanced recovery, areal migration of LNAPL, water, and gas,...

Biosolids Management
AllMax Professional Solutions, Inc.
Biosolids Management is a DOS package which allows the entering and reporting of land applied sludge...

API's Decision Support System (DSS)
Geraghty & Miller, Inc.
The American Petroleum Institute has sponsored the development of the Exposure and Risk Assessment D...

AQTESOLV Dos Version
Geraghty & Miller, Inc.
AQTESOLV (pronounced AK ti solv) is user-friendly, menu-driven software for determining hydraulic pr...

Terralink Software Systems, Inc.
TerraTory, built by experts in hazardous waste information systems, enables you to take control of w...

Trinity Consultants Incorporated
BREEZE WAY models determine emissions from motor vehicles, predict air pollutant concentrations, and...

HERESIM 3D features a flexible and high-performance methodology to build geologically consistent ups...

ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller, Inc.
MODPATH is an advective transport model (particle-tracking) that uses MODFLOW output to compute part...

No job is more difficult to a Radiation Safety Officer in charge of a large, multiple radioisotope f...

GRITS/STAT - GRoundwater Information Tracking System with STATistical Analysis Capability
PC Engineering, Inc.
The Nationwide GRoundwater Information Tracking System with STATistical Analysis Capability GRITS/ST...

Engineered Software, Inc.
Create a flow sheet piping drawing using built-in CAD-like drawing tools.Design and size individual ...

PROCOR Technologies, Inc.
PROCOR Technologies, Inc.
PROCOR Technologies, Inc. is a software and professional engineering services firm specializing in m...

Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Software Directory
The Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Software Directory catalogues 829 programs in the fields of Geo...

ChemPoint 3.0
Starpoint Software Inc.
Complete Data Management and Reporting for Air, Soil, Surface Water, Ground Water, Ash, Sludge, Bio-...

WEAP - Water Evaluation and Planning System
Tellus Institute
WEAP is a new microcomputer water planning tool. It provides a comprehensive, flexible and user-frie...

Waste Information Management System (WIMS)
Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.
Waste Information Management System (WIMS) is a complete waste information management system designe...

Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC)
Enviro-Manager is a user-friendly, state of the art compliance management system that allows you to ...

CHEMPAT: Evaluating and Managing Mixing Hazards in the Chemical Industries
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
AIChE, in partnership with the Dow Chemical Company, introduced CHEMPAT, a software program that can...

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