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Compliance Assurance Monitoring
Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)
This workshop will assist participants in understanding the requirements of the U.S. EPA's new Compl...

Forest Management Into the Next Century: What Will Make It Work?
Forest Products Society
This 2-1/2 day conference will to provide up-to-date information on new and developing landscape and...

Environmental Cost Accounting
International Business Communications USA Conferences, Inc.
Discover True Environmental Costs: Tools Available to Uncover "Hidden" CostsLinking Environmental Co...

Negotiating Environmental Agreements
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Center for Management Research
A two-day program for senior private and public sector officials covering how companies and regulato...

Mining Convention '97
National Mining Association
The association's largest meeting is a focal point of industry, media and public attention on the mi...

Fundamentals of Ground Water Geochemistry
National Ground Water Association, Education Department
An important step in completing a successful site assessment or remediation project is understanding...

Environmental Science and Engineering Short Courses
Environmental Education Enterprises, Inc.
Environmental Education Enterprises offers 85 courses on a wide variety of topics including: Air Mo...

Recycling Heavy Metals From Industrial Waste
Colorado School of Mines, Office of Special Programs and Continuing Education (SPACE)
This course focuses on current plant practices for converting metal-containing wastes to byproducts....

Managing and Designing for the Environment
University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Professional Development, Engineering Registration
Design for the environment involves a series of tools and management approaches for improving profit...

ASCE Annual Convention and Exposition
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
The American Society of Civil Engineers annual convention. The theme of the 1997 meeting is sustain...

Forest Products Society 1997 Annual Meeting
Forest Products Society
This 5-day annual meeting of the Forest Products Society marks the Society's 50th Anniversary. Highl...

Business of Composting
The Composting Council
Will move beyond science and technology to explore the day-to-day realities of composting practice. ...

Project Management
Fred Pryor Seminars, Pryor Resources, Inc.
A one day course designed to help you complete your projects on time and on budget. The course cov...

Emission Inventory: Planning for the Future
Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)
The Emission Inventory: Planning for the Future is the seventh in a new series of Emission Inventory...

New Environmental Sample Preparation Techniques
American Chemical Society, Educational Services/Short Course Office
All chemists, biologists, and engineers working in the area of environmental analysis for organics. ...

Accident Prevention and Risk Management
Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)
Seeking a comprehensive understanding of the chemical accident prevention and risk management regula...

National Marketplace for the Environment
ECO EXPO and the Environmental Education Foundation
The two day conference will consist of plenary sessions with nationally known speakers plus seminar ...

Low-Cost Remediation Strategies for Contaminated Soil and Ground Water
National Ground Water Association, Education Department
Several low cost technologies for remediating soil and ground water contaminated with organic contam...

Integrating ISO 14001 and ISO 9001
American Society For Quality Control (ASQC)
This two-day course is designed to demonstrate in practical terms how systems within an organization...

Due Diligence at Dawn
EDR Educational Programs
It is not unusual to see competitive bids on a specific Phase I Environmental Site Assessment differ...

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