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Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.
DIALOG is an online service for professional researchers which offers current and comprehensive info...

NERAC Database System
NERAC is a non-profit organization which offers a call-in service where users are matched with techn...

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
This CD-ROM database contains six-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes for all class...

OSHA Chemical Safety Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
The OSHA Chemical Safety Database is available in CD-ROM format, and contains detailed environment, ...

SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
This comprehensive Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) database consists of two CD-ROMs containing ful...

EarthInfo Environmental Databases
EarthInfo Inc.
EarthInfo provides environmental databases on CD-ROM which contain information on weather, water, ai...

Innovative Environmental Technology Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
The Innovative Environmental Technology CD-ROM Database includes the following collection of databas...

Technical Database Services
Technical Database Services, Inc.
Technical Database Services (TDS) provides subscription based access and searching capability for a ...

CERCLIS Database
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (CERCLIS) d...

Natural Gas Intelligence Database
DRI/McGraw Hill
Contains the weekly high, low, and weighted average spot gas prices (delivered-to-pipeline). Histo...

NTIS Bibliographic Database
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
The NTIS Bibliographic database contains summaries of scientific, technical, engineering, and busine...

Natural Gas Week Database
DRI/McGraw Hill
Database includes the weekly volume weighted and monthly bidweek delivered-to-pipeline spot gas pric...

OCLC FirstSearch Databases
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), Inc.
The OCLC EPIC Service provides access to nearly 60 databases, many with full text, in the areas of A...

Environmental Fate Databases
Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC)
This database system consists of four interrelated files of information on the fate of organic chemi...

SARA Title III Chemical Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
This CD-ROM chemical database contains the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title...

Chemical Information System (CIS)
Oxford Molecular Group, Chemical Information System (CIS)
CIS provides online access to over 30 databases containing information on specific chemical substanc...

CAMEO Chemical Database
National Safety Council, Environmental Health Center
CAMEO -- Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations -- is computer software for chemical emer...

Solvent Safety Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
This CD-ROM database contains details on every OSHA hazardous chemical and every solvent on the U.S....

Conversion Factors Database
SOLUTIONS Software Corporation
This CD-ROM database contains an extensive cross-indexed reference software which includes thousands...

Chemicals in Commerce Information System (CICIS)
Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.
CICIS contains a comprehensive listing of over 70,000 chemical substances that are subject to TSCA r...

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